Apai Residence

New York, NY | 1,440 sq ft. | 2010

Services: Architecture
Interior Design

This two bedroom apartment in Chelsea was reorganized to create a clearer distinction between the public and private space, and to improve circulation. We introduced a walnut-sheathed block in the center of the apartment to house the pantry, shelves and a bench with storage to maximize storage space. The floor wraps up the walnut block, which becomes the gateway for transitioning from the living area to the bedrooms. Color is used throughout the apartment to create visual interest. A bright blue peaks out from behind books and objects in the walnut bookcase. The same blue appears in the form of a floor to ceiling resin panel that lets light from the master bathroom into the hallway. A surprising shock of orange lines on the underside of the kitchen island creates warmth among the white and stainless steel finishes. We mixed high and low using high-end light fixtures to contrast with a grouping of Ikea pendant lamps to define the entry.