Metropolitan Museum of Art

Newark International Airport, Newark, NJ | 1,100 sq ft. | 2012

Services: Architecture
Surface Design
Fixture Design

EOA redesigned the Metropolitan Museum of Art's retail stores at Newark International Airport, the 2nd floor space on 5th Avenue, and JFK Terminal 4. The work entailed the complete re-branding of the store through its design and fixtures. Initiated at Newark Airport, developed further at the main museum, and refined at JFK Terminal 4, the store is designed to create a space where a multitude of merchandise can be clearly displayed, is engaging to the customer and creates a visual relationship to the Museum. Fixtures are adaptable to different scales of merchandise. The jewelry cases are designed as an undulating landscape of glass boxes providing space for separate stories to be created within. Floating glass vitrines are inserted into walls to highlight special pieces from the collection, evoking the display cases found throughout the Museum. The materials are clean and rich - stone, corian and concrete - providing an elegant, neutral palette as a background for the merchandise and creating a reference point for the customer that always relates back to the Fifth Avenue Museum. The rebranding of the retail stores brings the Museum to the contemporary customer who is looking to take home a memory of the institution and the history of art in a fresh and modern way.