Oklahoma City, OK | 11,000 sq ft. | 2012

Awards: 2013: Interior Design: Best of Year Merit Award / Society of American Registered Architects: Design Award of Excellence

Services: Architecture
Surface Design

The Anthropologie Oklahoma City store is sited within the Classen Curve shopping center surrounded by extensive swaths of parking and small patches of landscape. The challenge was to draw people in the front door and bring warmth into an environment that was relatively cold and flat. EOA worked on breaking down the scale of the area and countering the strong horizontality of the existing building shell by concentrating on the entry sequence and materiality. EOA used vertically “toothed” reclaimed cedar columns at different intervals set into a plaster wall to create texture and to draw focus to the street level. By clustering the columns around the entry, the eye is drawn there and the transparency of this corner allows for a clear view to the interior of the store. Inside, EOA wanted to create a sense of landscape so an interior garden space was integrated within a large sculptural planter, surrounded by groupings of the cedar columns seen at the façade. The planter, illuminated by a large skylight, sits within this forest of columns that double as places to display clothing and the whole creates a sense of surprise and discovery at the center of the store. The walls of the store are thickened at the openings to give the impression of carving through a deep volume and provide opportunities for platforms, shelving and seating to be located. The store has become the flagship for Oklahoma, creating an eclectic, sophisticated shopping destination for a major Mid-western city.