Huntsville, AL | 10,700 sq ft. | 2007

Awards: Society of American Registered Architects/New York Council 2011 Professional Design Awards Program

Services: Architecture
Surface Design

A lush, green, vertical landscape was envisioned as a new kind of facade for Anthropologie's presence in Huntsville, Alabama. EOA's vision for the store has turned into what is now the largest Green Wall installation in North America. The soil-based walls are constructed of 2'x2'x3" panels of a variety of sedum genus. The living walls will bloom in the spring and stay green in the colder months when they will provide extra insulation to reduce energy use. In the summer, the south and south-east facing walls will absorb UV rays, cooling the interior of the building. The walls are bordered by white washed slats of wood screens and were conceived as an intuitive response to the rich landscape of the south. As the living walls change through the seasons the plant life will bring a natural textural element into the anonymity of the typical suburban lifestyle center. Ultimately the walls help to support an awareness of the environment and establish a more modern way of looking at nature.