B8 Couture

New York, NY | 1,515 sq ft. | 2005

Services: Architecture
Surface Design
Fixture Design

B8 Couture is a men's and women's couture retail store located in the Meatpacking District. The space is activated by a double layer of walls that line both sides. The inside layer is black and sliced with violet light to reveal the wall behind, using the bar grid as inspiration. Shelves float with illuminated glass faces tying the wall pieces together, creating a horizontal light that crosses the vertical. Dressing Rooms, the space of intimate contact with clothes, stand as glowing glass objects. The color of the clothes is brought into relief by the darkness of the walls while the violet glow creates a backdrop of contrasting light. Long dresses are hung on custom fabricated rods that rise and fall as needed to keep the dresses from hitting the ground, or when the space is to be used for parties, the rods can rise up towards the ceiling to completely clear the floor.