Loading Dock

Stamford, CT | 17,000 sq ft. | 2008

Services: Architecture

EOA designed this 17,000 square foot space in Stamford, Connecticut in collaboration with Paula Fox Interiors to provide a contemporary events venue that is a counterpoint to the typical chain hotel readily available in the area. The program includes a ballroom, arcade, sanctuary and industrial kitchen. The industrial character of the building, a former Loading Dock, as the name reveals, was kept intact and infused with modern elegance through the use of warm wood and concrete. Exposed structure combined with the sliding planes of large wood doors create the ability to change the scale of the spaces by either connecting or partitioning off discreet areas. Large windows flood the entry gallery with natural light during the day, creating a bright open space for meeting and greeting. At night the windows act as beaming beacons to guests arriving and opportunities for display of both people and event themed arrangements. A second gallery space perpendicular to the entry acts as a central axis, joining the ballroom and sanctuary and leading to the back-of-house where it can be integrated into adjacent spaces to provide private vestibules. The kitchen is centrally located in the larger space, sheathed in white fiberglass panels and is connected by viewing slots in its fa├žade, inviting guests to engage. Skylights create pockets of white light, lending a sense of rhythmic variation to the overall lighting effect. The Loading Dock has become the go-to space for a wide variety of events in the Stamford area because of its modern industrial aesthetic and the broad adaptability of its spaces.