New York, NY | 3,100 sq ft. | 2001

Services: Architecture
Surface Design

This project entailed the design and construction of new offices for a booking and management agency for photographers. A gallery, booking area, executive offices and a conference room were the required programs. The space, located on the top floor of a former industrial building in the Chelsea section of New York, was completely raw. Making reference to the camera, public to private is mediated via a series of "shutters"- operable aluminum louvers act as dynamic walls while a series large steel sliding doors allow the space to be opened or closed. In the corridor a silver mesh laminated between plates of glass creates an opaque metallic sheen by certain angles of light, creating various and changing perceptions of light. Sanded homosote, the color of shadow, wraps from bench to gallery walls to booking area threading the spaces together with a warm tactile material. The soft silver tone of this surface references the silver print and provides a remarkable background for the black and white of the photographs. Light and shadow, the very substance of photography, are manipulated throughout to enrich the experience and appreciation of the photography.