Play! Clinic

Southeast Asia | 5,000 sq ft. | 2014

Services: Architecture

In order to meet the diverse healthcare needs of rural communities in Southeast Asia, the PLAY! Clinic is modular, scalable, flexible, and fun. The basic program requirements of the clinic are assigned to modular units that can be quickly and easily constructed as a kit of parts, consisting of a minimal timber frame and interchangeable infill screens. An inner layer of mosquito net provides necessary protection, while an outer layer of woven bamboo offers privacy and customization. While the mosquito net screens are installed during initial construction, the woven mats may be added or changed over time by local residents to create a community-specific identity for each clinic. The layout of the clinic hinges around a water and power distribution node, creating a common space for community gathering and recreation, and also is scalable and flexible depending on time and resource constraints as well as community needs. Therefore, a small clinic built to meet immediate healthcare needs may grow over time into a more substantial community space. Finally, elements of PLAY are added to the basic program requirements of the clinic to foster complete family healthcare and education. Because of these elements, such as swings and climbing nets, children are excited to visit the clinic and learn valuable information about hygiene and basic health while their family members receive care.