New York, NY | 1,600 sq ft. | 2013

Services: Architecture
Surface Design
Fixture Design

EOA was approached by L'Oreal to design a store prototype for a new makeup that was to target a younger market and feature a strong online presence to create a sense of community among customers. The main design goals were to create a retail experience that bridged the gap between the virtual and the real and that celebrated the idea of community by allowing space for sharing and play as well as shopping. EOA proposed a large video monitor built into an all glass storefront to present the online store and community directly to the street, building a strong brand identity and attracting customers into the store. Inside we were faced with the challenge of a long and narrow existing space. EOA proposed a row of communal tables down the center of the store with built-in fixtures along both side walls. The large tables seat four customers each and feature custom display fixtures, mirrors, and wireless tablets to watch online makeup tutorials while experimenting with the brand's wide range of makeup. At the back of the store, an elevated stage with a roll-down backdrop and projector serves as a photo booth for girls to share their new looks through social media, closing the loop between the website and physical store. This same stage area could be used by visiting makeup experts to give demonstrations to larger groups. Finishes inside the store are limited to a clean palette of black and white to allow the bright colors of the product to stand out and maximum flexibility as the brand grows and changes. Overall, the simple store layout and minimal fixtures give the customers of this new and unique brand the freedom to play, share, and create their own makeup looks.