Greene Street Residence

New York, NY | 2,956 sq ft. | 2014

Services: Architecture
Interior Design

The loft for an Italian actress and her husband, an American actor, was designed to retain the texture of its original Soho character. The owners wanted to create a home for their new family that felt familiar and warm.  The original floors were left intact but stained light to bring brightness into the deep space. A zinc kitchen with a custom butcher block island made from large beams of wood occupies the center of the generous open space. The master bedroom at the rear is screened by a wire glass and blackened steel oversized sliding panel that allows light from the rear to infiltrate the back of the loft. A focal point is the custom cabinet with doors covered with a handmade watercolor painting that becomes a piece of artwork while also containing storage for children’s toys, coats and boxes. EOA collaborated with Italian decorator Barbara Frua de Angeli on the project.